Key Comic Books

We love comics as much as you do. We love reading, selling, buying, trading, speculating, talking about, and appraising comics. It's why we opened the Pop Culture Company; to share our love of comics with you. 

Comics are a great investment. Investing in a Giant Size X-Men 1, Marvel Premiere 15, batman Adventures 12, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1, can be just as good as a stock market investment. If you read some articles, it can be even better. Plus you get to display it on your wall and brag about it to your friends. (Win/win!)

We cater to all types of collectors.

  • We buy keys and we're always on the lookout for new key books to post on the site every week. Make sure to bookmark you favorite era and check back for new keys. 
  • We carry full run sets. If there is a full run set you are looking for and don't see it on the site, contact us today. 
  • We have the variants. If you're a variant collector, we offer fair pricing on all variants.

Come by the store or start your online experience by picking an Age, narrowing your results, and deciding how much you can spend this month without your signifigant other getting mad at you. Enjoy!

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